About Qalayla

I began belly dancing in 1996, almost immediately after finishing my Midwifery training program.  I studied belly dance with The Goddess Dancing, at the urging of my psychotherapist who knew of the group and their mission of teaching the dance as a tool of healing & self-empowerment.  I was hooked from the start - emotionally stirred by the sensuality & beauty of the movements - I knew that I needed to continue to explore the art.


Over the next 12 years, I journeyed from student, to apprentice, to full-fledged member and co-owner of The Goddess Dancing.  In 2008, I resigned from the company to work on further developing the belly dance for pregnancy & birth component of TGD's mission, which they graciously bequeathed to me upon my leaving.  I had a short run of teaching belly dance to pregnant women as a form of exercise and childbirth preparation.


I am exceedingly grateful for all of the gifts I received during my years with TGD - THANK YOU GODDESSES!


Currently, I teach classes in Townsend, MA & perform occasionally at venues around New England.